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Courtesy Car Inspections.
Just Because You Parked.

You go about your day, we scan your car for safety issues—free of charge!
Yep, kindness goes a long way.

Inspections Made
Free Quotes Given
Estimated Savings
So, Why KindCar?
Money is Precious

Who likes to spend money on car repairs? No one. We find you the most affordable car repair quote from a qualified mechanic in your local area.

Procrastination Stinks

So maybe it was obvious your windshield was broken. But did you know how simple a repair could be? You no longer have an excuse for procrastination.

Time is Valuable

Do you have extra time to spare? We didn’t think so. Spend zero time searching for repair quotes, and get the repair done before the problem gets worse.

Free Gifts Rock

As our gift to you, we supply a prepaid Visa gift card ready for redemption once you get your repair done. Do you need more of an incentive?

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KindCar Testimonials
"Excellent service and price."
— William Miller
"Loved it and highly recommend it!"
— Thomas Francis
We Love Partnerships
Do you own a large parking lot? We love those.
Let’s talk business!
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