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KindCar Finds Car Issues While You’re Parked!

Our team of friendly inspectors will identify car damage while you’re parked. We tell you exactly how to repair it at the most affordable price near you—before the problem starts to inconvenience you in the way of safety, money or time!

We Love to Help Vehicle Owners
Free Quotes Given
Inspections Made
Estimated Savings
We work with most brands and models

Each brand has its own characteristics. We work with most makes to ensure you get the best repair you’ve ever gotten.

How KindCar Benefits You
Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

KindCar’s team of uniformed inspectors proactively scan your car for damage and prescribe a repair for you. This is done while you go about your day—free of charge! So whether you’re at the mall, airport or a concert, you receive a free car inspection just because you parked.

Save Money on Repairs

Identifying problems before they get serious can save you hundreds of dollars and lost time! What’s more, KindCar’s mobile repair providers can come to you to repair your vehicle at home or at work. Their low overhead costs allows them to pass the savings on to you!

Save Yourself Time

When you use KindCar, we find the lowest local quote for the auto repair job you need. Not only does KindCar save you time on searching for quotes, we also save you time by spotting damage before it requires more time-intensive repairs!

Receive Goodies

Depending on where your vehicle is parked, KindCar might supplement your quote slip with a free prepaid Visa gift card. This is our way of saying “thank you” once your car is repaired. At KindCar, we appreciate our customers and enjoy making them as happy as possible!

Benefits to Our Partners

Do you own or lease a large parking lot? A KindCar partnership will benefit you in more ways than one! Learn more about partnering with KindCar today.

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