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Vehicle Owner FAQ’s
What is involved with a KindCar inspection?

Inspection is done in a completely observational manner from the exterior of your car only. A uniformed inspector will make note of any exterior damage found on your vehicle.

The details will be left behind on a customized slip, contained within a discreet non-residue adhesive envelope attached to the driver’s side window. Included on the slip is a description of the damage they found, along with a suggested plan-of-action for getting it fixed and the lowest quote available in your area.

It will also include a phone number and website address to visit to initiate the repair process. Then, they will place it in a discreet envelope on the driver’s side window. Inside the envelope, you may also find a prepaid Visa gift card for your enjoyment, depending on the venue at which you are parked.

What kind of damage does KindCar identify?

KindCar identifies damage of auto glass, side mirrors, headlights, tires and the body of your car.

Does KindCar inspect the inside of my vehicle?

No, KindCar courtesy vehicle inspectors never inspect the inside of your car. We value your privacy and will only inspect the exterior of your car just by looking at it.

Does KindCar tinker with my car during inspection?

No, KindCar inspectors visually identify problems and make suggestions based only on observable damage on the exterior of your vehicle.

Does KindCar share my vehicle information with third parties?

KindCar will never sell or pass your information on to third parties without your consent or action taken on your own behalf. Your information is only passed on to the repair provider of your choice, if you take action on a quote.

What is the benefit of using KindCar to find repair services?

When you use KindCar, you receive the lowest quotes from only the highest-rated, qualified repair shops near you. These shops also offer same or next-day mobile repair service, meaning they can come to you to make the repair. All repair services initiated through KindCar are approved by your insurance company and will use OEM-certified parts.

Partner FAQs
What makes KindCar different from competitors?

KindCar is affiliated with the largest network of certified, independent repair shops throughout the United States. Our expansive network has been established since [YEAR] and we have more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry. We only partner with the best customer-rated repair providers who use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) materials and parts to carry out repairs. We find the lowest quotes for customers by comparing information from our database of partners.

What types of businesses does KindCar partner with?

The type of businesses that KindCar partners with include malls, large retail establishments, airports, convention centers, concert venues, oil change businesses, car washes and more. If you have a unique venue that you think could be a good fit for partnership, please let us know. We’d love to hear about it!

What are the requirements of becoming a partner?

Since KindCar activity takes place in parking lots, a basic prerequisite to becoming a partner is that your business has a sizable parking lot. When you contact us, we will further discuss the details of a potential partnership.

What steps do we take to establish a partnership?

Please contact KindCar to supply us with some basic information and we will be in touch to begin a discussion to determine if the partnership is a good fit for your business.