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At KindCar, we only partner with best-in-class companies. When you link up with us, you create a fresh opportunity for your marketing strategy. Unlock the potential to generate extra revenue and repeat customers on an ongoing basis!

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What is KindCar?

KindCar is a service that identifies damage on vehicles parked in large lots owned by partner businesses. Our uniformed team of inspectors leave courtesy quote slips on parked vehicles. These slips describe the issue, provide a repair quote and prompt the vehicle owner to request a repair from our large network or certified vehicle repair providers.

How Businesses Benefit from KindCar
Unique Cross-Promotion

You have a big parking lot. It’s time to start maximizing its business potential.

KindCar turns your parking lot into an outlet for cross-promotion of your business. Our team of uniformed inspectors leave behind a co-branded quote slip and prepaid gift card for your patrons on their vehicle windows.

Generate Extra Revenue

A KindCar partnership represents an additional revenue stream for your business.

When you partner with KindCar, your business receives a cut of each KindCar transaction that originated from the leave-behind slips left on your patrons’ car windows. Passively increase your revenue and see the benefit in your bottom line.

Customer Satisfaction

Partnering with KindCar enhances a customer’s experience of your business or venue.

More than 90% of customers use the words “friendly,” “convenient,” “helpful,” and “easy” to describe KindCar. Wouldn’t you like your customers to associate your business with these words, too? An association with KindCar adds value to your business.

KindCar’s Leadership

KindCar was founded by the same minds behind the leading online auto glass marketplaces Glass.net and AutoGlassGuru.com. KindCar’s leadership has more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry and has established one of the largest networks of independent vehicle providers in the United States.

The automotive services facilitated by Glass.net and AutoGlassGuru.com consistently receive high satisfaction ratings from customers nationwide.

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