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We’re Proactive. You Benefit.

Whether you’re shopping at the mall or waiting for your flight to depart, we find car issues before they find you!

Why Drivers Love Us
Free Vehicle Inspection

What you’d pay a mechanic to inspect your vehicle is made free by KindCar’s service. The courtesy visual inspection we provide is 100% free of obligation. You benefit from a professional technician evaluating your car without the cost.

Prevent Costly Vehicle Repairs

When you receive a KindCar visual inspection, you become aware of any external damage on your car that you might not have been previously aware of—before it becomes worse. Early detection can save you hundreds of dollars in future repair costs.

Save Time Down the Road

KindCar saves “the future you” time. Instead of inspecting your own car and needing to gather quotes from multiple auto repair companies, we cut steps out of the process. We tell you what’s wrong with your vehicle, what needs to be done and how to find the cheapest qualified repair shop near you. These shops offer mobile repair at your home or work—whichever is most convenient for you!

Receive Additional Perks

Depending on where you receive a KindCar courtesy vehicle inspection, you could benefit from a free gift card to use toward purchases (such as at the local mall, for example). This means that you get a free visual inspection and external damage diagnosis, plus some money to enjoy some shopping.

KindCar Testimonials
Meet our happy customers.
"Excellent service and price."
— William Miller
"Partnering with KindCar adds value to the experience you give your patrons."
— William Miller

Questions? We have answers! View our FAQ page.